Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today was a busy day around here. Although it was our day off, we wanted to see how they put their picnic together with the buffet lines, etc. There were about 50 extra guests today beyond the normal amount of residents. We started in at breakfast and finished up around 3:30, once everything had settled down. Lunch was awesome. Wilbur came in off of the grill a little before noon. He was put on a large serving board and then placed out on the buffet line. Chef Steve did the carving throughout the meal. In addition to the sliced pork there was pork bbq, hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, cole slaw and all the fixins for the burgers. We also had an ice cream bar that had vanilla ice cream (regular and low sugar) with a multitude of toppings. There was also a cake decorated like the American flag...loads of food !

After lunch the hand bell choir performed, some of the ladies sang and we had a guest speaker from AMVETS there. He was retired from the Navy (33 yrs of service). His talk got too political in nature for us so we left part way through and went back to our apartment. I don't think that this type of event is the appropriate time to talk about military levels in current or past administrations. It's a day of remembrance and respect for those who have or do serve in our armed forces. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial weekend !

The day here started out sunny but just as lunch was about to begin it started to pour outside. Wilbur got in out of the rain just in time ! Tomorrow we go in at 11:30, work till close and are then on-call throughout the night.

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