Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So Busy…Just a Mention..

We have been crazy busy with picking up the rig last Monday, working a couple days at getting things organized/downsizing, etc and visiting family and friends in between all of that. Will post more later on the whole experience but suffice it to say that it took us about 15 hours (two days) to even get the stuff out of the old rig and into the new rig. Couldn’t put the trike in the garage cause it was full of “stuff”. PA150081 Had to drive to Linda’s brother’s house to borrow their minivan for the couple of days that my kids would be in town (aka: airport shuttle) and then go to a campground outside Philly Thursday afternoon to get ready for my daughter’s flight to arrive. Her flight was an hour late departing, from Boston, so consequently she didn’t arrive till around 11 p.m. Had a great time with Becky, Nick (her boyfriend) and my son Jay.

It’s now Tuesday…we arrived at mom’s around mid-day. Yesterday we left NJ, dropped some items off at Linda’s sister’s house and made our way to Williamsport. I stopped by Penn College to see my PA150079 former colleagues and tour some of the new facilities….so great to see everyone ! We are parked at my brother’s house…it’s a perfect spot. Although he sits up on a hill, his road is in much better shape than I remembered. Linda got too nervous when we started up the steep driveway….she ran to the back of the rig and covered her eyes. When we got up to his driveway, it was so easy to back up into the driveway next to the sugar shack (where he processes maple syrup). A perfect spot with a great view. We’ve found our place to stay when we come home.PA160084

Here’s a picture that I took of Linda with her brother, Roy and his wife Kathie. We had a great time spending time with them and are so thankful that we could borrow their mini van to use to pick the kids up at the airport and haul them around all weekend.

Lots to do in the days ahead. Using my brothers wireless internet (thank goodness since there’s no call service here) so will be able to post as I get time. Stay tuned…


Jim and Bobbie said...

Good post and are glad to hear the "move" is over and the stowing away has begun. Thanks for sharing....we've been wondering.

Movable Book Lady said...

Glad all is going well. I've been checking often, hoping to see your new rig at the top of your blog. Is that it next to the 5er? Hope you love it.