Saturday, October 22, 2011

Leaving the Sweely clan tomorrow

Rig at Jims

We’ve been visiting my mom and brothers/sister since Tuesday and will be leaving tomorrow morning. We had an excellent parking spot next to Jim’s sugar shack and this morning discovered that he has a 50 amp receptacle (uses it for his reverse osmosis machine) so are able to be “plugged in” for the last day that we’ll be here. Next year we’ll know and can be plugged in the whole visit. Top of Sweely Lane We have a beautiful view, down the valley, from where we are parked. The other night we could see the red glow in the sky of a gas well that they are burning off in the distance. You could see the flames rise and fall from the well on the distant horizon. We’re hanging out at Jim and Edie’s house this afternoon (hence the use of their wi-fi). Jim is firing up the grill to cook lunch soon. This is Jim and I sitting on the couch. We’ve had such a good time with my family. It’s been a long time since we’ve had this much time to have a leisurely visit and not have to rush off like we’ have to do after a holiday meal, etc. Linda

Me & my brother

got a tour off the sugar shack and heard about the maple process and also of the beekeeping that Jim does. It’s really interesting and a pretty sophisticated process. Sister

Jim works for a company that builds post and beam houses and is located about a mile from his house. It’s very convenient for him and he’s worked there for 25 years. My sister Phyllis is retired and seems to be busier now than she was when she had her florist shop. She runs the food bank and that keep her pretty busy and is very rewarding to serve the community that way.

Tomorrow morning we’ll leave here and head towards Chambersburg, making a stop in Lemoyne to see some friends. We’ll stay in Chambersburg until Wednesday morning. Should hear first of the week where we’re heading in Florida. No word yet from our boss with any details but he promised to call on Monday. 

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