Friday, October 7, 2011

Iron Skillet – I-75/Exit 167

At the next exit up from where we were staying, in Ohio, there was a Petro fuel plaza with an Iron Skillet restaurant inside. We’ve eaten at an Iron Skillet before and I didn’t remember it being very good. The park owner, where we were working, said that no one could beat their prices for the buffet dinners they have so we decided to eat there on our last night in the park so we didn’t have to mess with dishes and such. We’d been breaking down the job and the Fed Ex drop box is at the Petro plaza so it seemed like a real time saver to have dinner while we were there.

They were having a steak buffet for $12.99, with fried shrimp, steak and lots of other food items. Way more food than we could eat. One of the other specials they have every day is choice of ham, pork loin, fish and some other type of meat with 1 side and soup and salad bar for $6.99. We chose that…The salad bar was great with home-made dressings. We both decided to have some soup….something we don’t usually get but were in the mood for. Wow, it was full of vegetables and a thick, hearty flavor. It was excellent ! We were very surprised when the meal came and the fish was a lightly breaded fresh fillet of fish (we had expected a fish square) and the mashed potatoes were real and still had the skins in them. This meal far exceeded our expectations, especially for $6.99 each. Certainly a place we will frequent next year when we are working this job. Passing through Ohio, on I-75 ?…Stop at exit 167 for some good eats.

P.S. Craziest thing happened with fuel prices just as we were leaving Ohio. Gas prices had dropped to $3.04 and stayed there for about two days and then on Wednesday, shot up .25/gallon to $3.29. What’s with that ! I thought maybe someone had blown up an oil refinery or something….crazy huge jump in price. Luckily, something similar didn’t happen to diesel prices…we got it for $3.63 with Pilot card.

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Tom and Donna Clapham said...

You guys and your food!!!! It's in your veins!! Me too! Always lookin' for a bargain! rockin'