Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old and New Friends


I keep forgetting to mention that when we were in the Lincoln, NE area, not only did we get to see our friend Paula but we also got to see  Shelly, who I’ve known for 11-12 years. She is so hard to pin down as she works all the time (up to 80 hours a week). We did manage to find an afternoon where she could get away and she came to the campground and hung out with us for a couple hours. It was great to see her while we were in the area.

P9300010 While here in the Findlay/Van Buren area, we met some new friends that we’ve been chatting with for a few months. Suzanne and Vickie found our names in the RVing Women directory, as South Dakota residents. They called us and we were in Wyoming at the time. They are on the road, in their Class A motorhome. They called us when we arrived here, as they are visiting family in Fremont, OH…a town north of us. We met for lunch, at Bob Evans and had a great time getting to know each other. At the end of lunch, they asked if we played Mexican Train and we said that we’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t yet. That’s all it took. We made a date for dinner & dominoes ! They came to the rig and although we originally were going to grill out, the gale force winds and drizzly rain put a damper on that. Instead, we ordered a “jumbo” veggie pizza from A.J's Heavenly Pizza, who deliver right to the campground. It was an amazing pizza (loved the crust) but holy cow, it was sheet tray size ! We gave it our best effort and managed to eat 1/2 of it. It also came with a free 10” – 1 topping pizza….geez ! Had a super fun time with the girls, playing Mexican Train and chatting ! They are headed to the National Rving Women Convention in Indiana so told them to look up our friends Cindy & Wendy. Linda and I went out the next day and bought the game and have been playing all weekend. We definitely hope our paths cross with Suzanne and Vickie down the road….great new friends to spend time with.

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