Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Leaving C-Burg…

Kay & KarleeCoby






We leave Chambersburg tomorrow morning, headed for Vienna, VA. It’s a bittersweet time for Linda as she has had a great time hanging out with her family but it will be this time next year before  she sees them again. A long time to go without seeing them when you enjoy being around your family and being a part of their family’s lives (children’s athletic games, family outings, etc.). We spent a good part of the day at Linda’s sister Kay’s house. Coby (the picture on the right) is a senior in high school. Karlee, on the left of Linda, is the last child in school. We went pumpkin picking today so Karlee could get her pumpkin ready for Halloween. Found a great selection at an old time roadside stand, where the honor system ( a box mounted on the wall) is the method of paying. Lots of squash (winter, crook neck, hubbard), along with tomatoes, onions, green beans, honey and maple syrup. Loaded up with pumpkins, perfect for making a Halloween masterpiece, we headed back to Kay’s house. The masterpiece didn’t get finished because Karlee had soccer practice. Busy household ! Everyone is running in a different direction to work, school function or task to be done. So great to spend time with Kay and her family.  We also got to borrow her dehydrator to make some squash chips. Like potato chips but much healthier for you…made with the crook neck squash and sprinkled with sea salt/garlic salt and dehydrated. Last time I made them, I did them in the oven and it took me all afternoon. Took longer to make them than it did to eat them ! Will be much quicker with a machine.

Pickin pumpkins







Still no word on where in Florida we are heading for our assignments. Were supposed to hear on Monday from our boss but no call. Not sweating it….still a few more stops to make to see the rest of Linda’s kids and grandkids.


We did learn what happened when we plugged the little space heater in and lost power in some of our receptacles. Turns out the inverter tripped. Matt, from the dealership called today and told me how to access the inverter and to hit the reset button. Sure enough, that did the trick. We didn’t have an inverter in our old rig (turns 12 v. power into 110 v.power) so you can run items for a limited time off the inverter without having to turn the generator on. The circuit that tripped ran all the indoor TV’s (4 of them) so it was important that we get it figured out. Now we know how to correct this problem if it arises again.


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Jim and Bobbie said...

love the new banner photo. Glad to hear Linda B. has enjoyed all the family gatherings. Miss you.