Sunday, October 9, 2011

Git ‘Er Out While the Gittin’s Good….

Busy weekend here with family and friends stopping by. As you recall from the last post, our rig was stuck…due to all the rain that had fallen and the rig sinking in the ground. The gentleman, here at the campground, said he would hook the tractor up to us and pull us out tomorrow morning when we’re ready to go but he stopped by tonight and said it wouldn’t be till 9:00 or so tomorrow, due to wife’s doctor appt. We had already been thinking that since things are nice and dry tonight (after a warm weekend that dried things out quite a bit) that we should hook up and turn around tonight. He was reading our minds. He suggested we do just that since he couldn’t promise to be around first thing in the morning so that’s what we did. We were hustling to beat the heavy dew that falls and knew as wet as it’s been mornings, we might not get out without a pull. Had no problem whatsoever getting out so Linda just backed up the entry road and we’re sitting on the road that leads out of the campground. Just moved our electric hookup to a closer pole and we’re all set. Just need to stop and dump our tanks on the way out and we’ll be all set.

PA080014 Will take us about 4.5 hours to get to New Jersey to Whitehorse RV to pick up our rig tomorrow. Have our inspection list ready and are anxious (Linda’s probably more nauseous than excited) to do the move but we’ll get through it. Will post more about the weekend’s events and our visit with family & friends in a few days. Need to get to sleep…long day ahead ! Until then will leave you with a picture of Grammy Linda with her grandkids.

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