Monday, July 26, 2010


Tomorrow we'll head back to Winston Salem, as we need to be to work at 11:30. Right now the local TV stations have interrupted regular programming to track a storm that has produced a tornado warning. It is moving away from us's a severe storm that is producing as many as 194 lightening strikes an hour. We haven't had any heavy rain yet although the warning said we could get some. The worst might be one point three bolts of lightening came down and it looked like a claw scratch across the sky. It was really awesome !

We took a picture of this rig that has been here at the campground for about two weeks. It's a Teton brand 5th wheel and the big truck pulling it has a matching paint job....very pretty. We drove by and stopped to chat with the guy who owns it. He's a fulltimer, originally from Delaware. I asked him if he's had any problems getting parts for his rig, since Teton went out of business and he said no...he can get anything he might need. Only thing that would be a problem would be the fender skirts. Very pretty rig.

Here's one of the ponds at the campground. I took Boomer down there yesterday so he could go swimmin' drops off pretty quick so he waded in up to his belly and then turned around to come back to shore. It cooled him off for a little while. Got up to 97 yesterday and 91 today....too darn hot ! I went out around 9 this morning and washed the getting another rinse off tonight with the storm passing through.

Got a busy week ahead. We have several new residents moving in this week. On Saturday, we have a VA benefit workshop to talk about the Aid and Attendance benefit that many people do not know about. Along with the workshop is a special lunch and entertainment. We have over 30 people signed up to attend the workshop so we'll be looking forward to our day off on Sunday. Hope everyone has a great week !

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