Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th

We're here at Mayberry Campground. Arrived about 10 this morning after picking up the rig from the repair shop. We weren't real happy to find that one of our tire chocks got busted at the repair place (apparently they don't think that people should block the wheels when they leave units in their parking lot). The silicone ring on our king pin is also busted up. Left a note for the service manager to call me tomorrow. I think they probably used a fork lift to pull the rig into the shop....drove up over the chock and when the forklift pivoted, it cut up the ring.

When we arrived, to the campground, the owner was running the office...his name is Benny. Nice, down to earth guy. Told us that he'd be giving a tour of the Eng/Chang homestead at 1 if we wanted to come over. We set up, hung out and then went over at 1. Benny told us that Eng was his great, great grandfather. Benny's grandfather owned the land the campground is now on. Benny bought it about 13 years ago. The campground has been here two years and he continues to make improvements. He is making a road up over the hill, towards the church where Eng and Chang are buried. It will provide sites that are shaded. We'll see if it's cool in the morning...I'd like to hike the path that leads back to their burial site.

Anyway, the tour was really interesting. The house looks like one your grandmother would own. He said it looks the same as when his grandparents had it and they still use it for get togethers. He invited us to look in cupboards, etc. and when I opened one in the kitchen all of the old spice tins were in there, all ready for someone to make something scrumptious with. There were pictures throughout of the Bunker family. If anyone is passing through Mount Airy, NC, I'd encourage you to stop here for the night and take a tour of the homestead. The life of Eng and Chang is an interesting one. One of their original steamer trunks, that they used while they traveled the world, is in one of the bedrooms and the photos that they sold were in the trunk. Here are some pictures from the homestead:

Car in the front yard at the homestead...1930

The indoor well. See the crank on the right and the ladle hanging on the left. Benny said they all drank from the ladle.

A family photo from a Bunker reunion...

We had just finished touring the house and were all outside in the yard and Benny was telling us about Eng and Chang and their coming over from Siam. He was chatting right along and then we all heard a real big "thud". Without skipping a beat, he says " That guy just dropped his rig" and kept on talking. We all turn to look and sure enough a guy with a dually pick-up truck and a big 5th wheel sat in the road just down below us. The rig had dropped off the hitch but came forward and was sitting on top of the box of the truck. I should have taken a picture but Linda and I were feeling the poor guys pain since the very first time we hooked up we dropped the rig and gave Bertha her "dimple". I'm sure he put his jacks down and got it squared away but I'm wondering how his truck bed looked. OUCH !
Looking at the tiers below us....

One of the two ponds in the campground with catch and release fishing...

It's a hot one today....currently 90 degrees right now. Thank goodness for the light breeze out there. Hoping it cools down so we can sit on the swing near our rig and enjoy the night air...Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July !

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