Monday, July 5, 2010


Today is our last full day off. We go into work at 11:30 tomorrow so we'll leave the campground around 9 in the morning. Today we drove into town, which is only a couple of miles down the road, to go to the thrift shops. We had seen three of them while we were driving around yesterday but only one was open today. It was well worth it though. Linda and I found quite a few blouses that will be great for work. The thermostat is set at 77 degrees, at the community, so we've discovered that short sleeves are the only way to go. The eight blouses we bought today will put us in good shape to stay cool at work.

While we were driving around, we saw these old houses in one area right outside of town. I love the windows and detail...Gorgeous houses from a grand ole time. The town of Mount Airy is really cute. We're going to wait till the next time we come up to park downtown and walk around to all of the shops. It's a little tricky to park Bertha in small places but since we won't need to drive her up here again (until we leave here with the rig), we can drive our car up each time we come. We're only 45 minutes from work....

It's so neat here, at the campground, that it feels like you're out in the country but it's only about two miles to Wal-Mart. The campground overlooks the mountains in the distance and you can see cars and trucks on the highway down below us. At night, it's so quiet. The campground cleared out today and there were only about 25 rigs left here. Tomorrow we'll just unhook everything, pull the slides in and leave the rig sitting here. Benny, the owner, will move it to the storage area......about 200 yards from where we are now. We won't be back here next week....we're headed to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and our behind the scenes tour. We can't wait !

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