Sunday, July 18, 2010


A relaxing weekend of camping this weekend. It started out a little rocky....we got up early so we could get up here to get set up and relax. I had e-mailed the campground last weekend and told them we would be up early Sunday please pull our rig out of storage and put it on the site we like. We arrived this morning, drove to our site and no rig. Found that it was still in storage so we drove up to the office. The person working was just covering for a few minutes...Lynn was off and the owner (who pulls rigs out of storage and puts them on the sites) couldn't be reached. Oh great ! They reached Lynn and an hour later she showed up. She got the keys to the owners truck (which he keeps at the campground) and said she'd move it onto the site if I'd help her. Boy, was she nervous when she saw how big our rig was and how much "umph" it took to pull it. She was doing a whole lot of praying and moved only an inch at a time, as she backed it in to get it hooked up. The hitch was different than ours so took a little bit to figure out. She drove a little ways and then said she'd feel more comfortable if one of us would drive so Linda jumped in and we got it onto the site. She was very apologetic and only charged us for one night of camping for our inconvenience. Once we got it to our site, Lynn pulled the truck ahead as Linda pulled on the handle of the Reece hitch to unhook it. It came unlatched in a hurry, with Linda's pulling on the handle, and she whacked her two elbows on the side of the truck. She has some hefty bruises there to show for her trouble.

We've had pop up thunderstorms over the last couple of days, including today. Linda and I sat under the pavilion near our rig this afternoon and at one point we could see a narrow sliver of rain coming down but no rain all around was really weird.

Speaking of weird, Linda and I had an e-call on Friday 1 a.m (guess that really makes it Saturday morning). We were sound asleep when the shrill alarm went off. Coming out of a deep sleep, we jumped up, grabbed our keys and went to the office to find out what room the emergency was in. It was apt 320...didn't really dawn on us till we were almost there but it's currently vacant. We open the door, check the three e-call stations and all are fine...then we see that it's the smoke detector that is going off. And it's on the ceiling in an apartment with nothing to stand on to get to it. This is one of those times that would have been comical to have captured on those stupid things you see on America's Funniest Videos. We're running around looking for something to stand on. I found two thick phone books in the closet and thought maybe I could reach it if I stood on those. No can do...Linda holds out her hands, linked together and offers to give me a leg up. I got upright, clutching onto her but she was wobbling around so bad I couldn't get a hold of the smoke detector. And it's still screaming at about a billion decibels in our ears...Then I told her, climb on my back..piggy back style. She jumped up, reached for the smoke detector and unhooked it. Whew ! Our maintenance guy had been painting in there during the day so all we can figure out is that the smell set the detector off. Our detectors are very sensitive and we've had them go off before from strong chemical smells, etc.

Tomorrow we're going into Mount Airy and check out all of the little shops. TTFN

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Jim and Bobbie said...

I laughed so hard picturing a Linda on the back of a Linda trying to reach the fire alarm!!! Hysterical to be sure!!