Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back To Work..

We left the campground at 8 this morning and drove the 40 minutes back to Winston Salem to get ready for work. We had a very relaxing weekend and decent weather. When we arrived on Sunday we went into town and had a late lunch at the Mayflower restaurant. We wanted to eat there the last time we were up but they are closed on Mondays. The place was packed with people and after eating we can see why. Linda and I both ordered the broiled scallop dinner. The dinners come in regular and large sizes. We got the regular size and after getting ours, I can't imagine how much food you'd get with the large order. We had 15 scallops (not the tiny ones either), coleslaw, baked potato and 4 hush puppies. The hush puppies looked like large onion rings...large, O-shaped rings that were fluffy and very yummy. All of this for $7.99....unreal ! We could only eat half of our meal so took the rest home with us. This will certainly be a favorite of ours on future trips.

On Monday we parked downtown so we could walk around and check out the little shops. We went to Floyd's Barber Shop, which is a landmark for Mount Airy. The walls are lined with thousands of pictures of people who have come in to see Floyd. He's been in that same spot for 63 years and still cuts hair. The place was filled with people, looking the pictures, and just chatting like you do in any local barber shop. "Floyd" (I don't think that's his real name) is 86 years old and was such a nice guy....he loves posing for pictures and telling stories. Oprah's picture was on the wall (a much younger Oprah), Lou Ferigno, of course Andy Griffith and other celebs. The barber shop is right next door to the Snappy Lunch...home of the pork chop sandwich. We didn't go there to eat...we could see that there was a line waiting to get seated.

Downtown is really cute...reminds you of what most downtown areas used to look like before strip malls and Wal-Marts came to small town America. Andy Griffith sure put Mount Airy on the map...without his notoriety I'm sure this town was have succumbed to the same demise as most other towns have.

On our way back to the campground one evening, with Chunky Monkey in hand, we took a little drive up the road past the campground. There we found the little white church with the resting place for Eng and Chang
Bunker. Gorgeous area...it overlooks the valley and mountains in the distant.
Since the Bunker twins had 21 children between them, there were several Bunkers buried in that cemetery.

It was a fun weekend...now it's back to reality till we can return next weekend. Hope everyone has a great week !

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