Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hoe Down...

Yesterday we had our VA Hoe Down. It started with a VA benefit workshop, letting folks know about the Aid and Attendance benefit that so many veterans don't know about and could sure use the monthly benefit they are entitled to. We had a good sized crowd for the workshop.

After the workshop, we had a little bit of time before lunch started so anybody that wanted to take a tour of the community could do that. At 12:30 we kicked off a great meal of BBQ Pork sandwiches, BBQ chicken, southern style slaw, fresh guacamole and chips, potato salad, fresh corn on the cob and ice cream treats for dessert. We had a full house and everyone had a great
 meal. Once the meal was over, we kicked into high gear, clearing the tables so folks could sit back and enjoy the Centennial Squares as they danced up a storm.
The Centennial Squares are a team of square dancers that put on an exhibition and then invite some folks from the audience to participate. What great fun ! Our regional chef, who was at our place for the day to help out, joined in on the fun. Afterwards he said he didn't realize the song was going to be so long...he was sweating bullets by the end of it. One of the ladies who came to visit for the day, brought her tap shoes and joined in on one of the songs She tapped up a storm.. This lady is probably close to 80 years old and wow, could she dance ! I only hope I am that mobile when I'm her age.

It was a long day and my feet were hurting by the end of the day (another pair of socks bites the dust). Many of the residents told us how much they enjoyed the day, which makes the long day and fatigue worth it. We are now up at the campground relaxing so today will be a day of rest. (Linda is taking her turn at a nap...mine will come shortly.)It is very cool this morning (70 degrees) and compared to it normally being in the 80's by this time, it is very refreshing. We sat outside, under the awning,and finished off the drinks we bought at McDonald's on the way to the campground. A nice change of pace and weather.

We had a new resident move in yesterday during all of the craziness. She and her daughter came up to the office to see Linda and another resident, who recently moved in, was also there. Bernice, our new resident, introduced herself to the other resident and come to find out they grew up street apart. What fun that was as they hugged and had a great reunion. They ate supper together and I'm sure they will be great pals once again....In the short time we've been there, we've seen these "reunions" happen several times. Neighbors reunited....distant relatives found...all so heart warming and wonderful.

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