Saturday, July 3, 2010

Goin' Camping...

They finished repairing the rig so we're going to pick it up in the morning, as soon as we get off work. We also have to drop the Xterra off at a garage across town so we can get the cruise control fixed. It won't hold a setting and the "set" light flashes on the dashboard. It's no fun driving on a long trip without cruise control. Don't know how we ever survived before we had it.

As soon as we drop the car off we'll head up the road to get the rig and then we're off to Mayberry Campground for the next two nights. Yippee !!! Not sure we still know how to set up camp....but I think we can wing it.

Calling for hot temps the next couple of the nineties so we're hoping for a nice breeze up on the mountain. It will be nice to get away on our days off. Tomorrow there is a cookout here at 12:30 and then a bluegrass band at 2 and then some feeble fireworks (probably Rick standing out front with some sparklers)at 7 or so. We had alot of calls today for people signing up to come so there's around 30 extra people coming. I also called a bunch of people and invited them....many wouldn't commit but sounded interested. We left a note that there could be some drop-ins.....surprise !!

We are tired out...waiting for the NASCAR race to kick off. Rain delay in Daytona. I remember when Linda and I were there last year and stood next to the track, in awe of the banking on the one turn. This is the last race on this track before they repave it so might be an interesting race. Hope they get some of it in before we're done in for the night...not gonna be long now !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Glad you will finally get to go camping! We watched the NASCAR race also and was surprised when the #18 car crashed. But boy that track was in rough, rough shape; really needs repaving...big job though. Miss you!