Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Having Fun...

I've been thinking about a way to decorate the door to our apartment...something that would be fun and interesting. Our door opens on the dining room so it's like a ready-made billboard. We went to the Dollar Tree the other day to get some things and I found a bunch of inspirational and fun sayings that can be stuck to something but then easily peeled off. Although I could have put them directly on the door, I didn't want to get something started where people are sticking things to their doors (these doors are really expensive to re-skin or replace). I bought some foam board and cut it into strips and stuck the sayings on the board. Using an over-the-door wreath holder, I cut a slit and slide it on. The finishing touch was to take the Pillsbury Doughboy and give him an observation platform on the hook part of the hangar. Since he giggles, he'll be a fun "doorbell" whenever someone pushes his belly.

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