Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend is Over....

On Saturday we went to our friend Jan's house and spent some time with her. We ran to the store and got some groceries. Picked up some crab legs that were on sale ($4.99/lb - wow !) and went back to her place and cooked them up...melted some butter...Yummy !! Boy, were they good.

Sunday we watched the Super Bowl. I thought the game was going to be a runaway in the Colts' favor initially but then in the second half, the Saints came alive. What a great second half it was and it was so exciting to see them win and bring the victory home to New Orleans. Linda and I still think about our time in New Orleans a month before Katrina hit and how much the city has changed as a result of that devastating hurricane. I wish I could find the pics that we took of the city back then. It would be fun to look at them again.

Today we did laundry, hung out around here and then left to take Jan to her doctor's appointment. She had a follow-up appt. so the doctor could see how she is recovering from her cold. She still has some lingering sinus stuff going on but is on the mend. We're glad to see her's been a long, slow recovery.

Weather is cool at night....high 30's this morning when we awoke. Got up to almost 70 today. Rain moving in tomorrow afternoon but temps through the week should be in the high 60's. Better here than in the northeast where they are expecting another big snow storm. Oh I'm glad we aren't up there right now. We'll enjoy this weather as long as we can.

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