Friday, February 19, 2010

On The Move....

Yesterday we spent the day with our friend Jan. She had a doctor's appointment in the morning that we took her to and then we met up with our friend Carolyn for lunch, at Cinnamon Sticks. After lunch we went to Rutabagas, a health food store in Inverness. They had great prices on Mangosteen juice (saved $24) so we bought several bottles. After that, off to Wal-Mart to get a few things and fill up with diesel fuel.

Wednesday night we discovered that we had exceeded our monthly allowance for internet usage with our Verizon USB card so we started a "cease and desist" of all internet usage until it resets on Sunday. This post is coming to you courtesy of wireless here at the campground. Oh, that brings me to the next point. While we were at Jan's, we thought we'd check our e-mails since we can't use our computer. Lo and behold there was an e-mail from our corporate office that we need to report to work on the 27th in New Jersey. Thus creating a drastic change of plans for us. I'm writing this post from Waltersboro, SC....Green Acres RV park. Today is the day that Linda's oldest daughter was to have her baby. Our appointment, to get our RV worked on, was to have been the 24th. Our original plan was to get the rig worked up to Virginia Beach to see the new baby and hang out till we got called to our next assignment. The part about "reporting to our next assignment" got fast forwarded so we had to change our plans. We've canceled our appointment at Tri-Am and we're headed to Virginia Beach so Linda can see the her new grand-daughter Ila Grace and her kids before we need to be at work next Saturday. So, we're on the road...bound for Virgina. Should be there tomorrow evening.

Yesterday we had to take Boomer back to a vet as he is not himself at all and his face is very swollen. The vet feels that he probably has an abscessed rear tooth. He said that particular tooth has very long roots...they extend clear up to the eye. This can cause watering of the eye, which is what we saw a little of Monday evening. The vet gave us enough pain killers and antibiotics to give him some relief but we'll need to find a vet when we get to NJ so he can get the tooth x-rayed and most likely pulled. Tonight he's had his 3rd dose of the antibiotic and 2nd dose of pain meds so hopefully he's getting a little relief. He's still laying around a lot but seems a little perkier at times. We feel so sorry for the poor guy.

We're waiting for Ila Grace to come into the world. As of this writing, her mom is still in labor and I think Ila is protesting leaving her warm, cozy surroundings to come out and join us. Everyone is anxious to meet her....hope to see her soon !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Thanks for the photos. What have you been downloading that you exceeded your aircard 5G limits?