Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boomer's Trip to Vet

Yesterday we took Boomer to the vet to get the shots he needed. The place we went to is part of a national chain. Despite having a coupon to get the exam for free, it still cost us a little over $100 for two shots and the parasite test. Linda has all of our receipts from our past visits to our vet up home and this place was considerably more expensive than our old vet. They even charge a "hazardous waste disposal fee" to discard your dog's poop that you take in to them for the parasite test. Oh brother !

As I mentioned last time, Boomer's eye was swollen and partially closed. It looked much better yesterday when he went to the vet but I had the vet look at it anyway. She said his eye was fine but perhaps it had something to do with a tooth or his jaw and to keep an eye on it. If he continued to have swelling, it would require an x-ray to see what the problem was. The woman vet was nice but I wasn't real crazy about the technicians. They needed to take Boomer's temperature before giving him a vaccination and I told them that he'd never had his temp taken ever but they insisted it had to be done. He had the same reaction to them trying to insert that thermometer as he does to getting his nails trimmed....pandemonium ! Finally I told them to "skip it" as someone was gonna get hurt. The tech got kind of snippy and said she couldn't "skip it" as he can't have a vaccination if he has a fever. By the time the woman vet came in, he was all out of sorts and didn't want any one near how. She was able to get his temp, after much coaxing and soothing and bribing him with treats. She was worried he would be prancing around too much to inject him with the vaccinations so she called a woman in to help her. Luckily it was a different one than the one I dealt with earlier. For some reason they felt it necessary to give him the shots in his butt after all the hoopla of JUST chasing him around with a thermometer for that same part of his anatomy. Our other vet always would grab the loose skin on the top of his neck and inject him here without any problems from Boomer. Poor Boomer felt like he was being assaulted from all ends yesterday and he didn't like any of it. His annual check-ups have always been hassle free but these people don't seem to "have the canine touch". They certainly know how to jack up someone's bill for their visit though. When I first got in the room with him they asked if I wanted him to have a heartworm test. I asked her how much it was. "I'll have them work that up for you". In she came with a whole litany of possible tests that he could/should have and the associated charge. All said and done, if I'd had all of those tests done, it would have come to $380 !! Yep, they are real big on up selling....and to think it only cost us $102 (and the exam was free). Don't think we'll be going back to that place.

Boomer still has swelling today. Seems a bit lethargic but I imagine his butt might be sore and maybe he has some discomfort under his eye. He doesn't seem to have any pain when I press on it and we've looked at his teeth and gums and they are fine. Not sure what it could be but we'll keep an eye on him.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Sorry Boomer had such a bad time at the vets...uncalled for really. We had to take Poncho in to a vet while in Bushnell. We went to Dr. Mark Yates at Jumper Creek Vet Clinic, 120 Jumper Dr. N.,Bushnell, FL 33513
He was wonderful, kind, and patient as were his techs. Prices were very fair.