Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Ahead of The Storm

Wednesday morning we started discussing the news that the Northeast had a storm coming in at the end of the week and decided to pack up and head for New Jersey. Our site was a giant mud hole (worse than it was when we got there). Backing out was the easiest way to get off the site since there was very little space at the end of the site to make a turn (I think the guy with the van next door would have noticed if the rear half of his van was missing).

We hit a little rain but had an
uneventful trip north, which is a wonderful thing. We stopped at Linda's brother's house to pick up our car. They were kind enough to watch it for us while we were down south. Kathie had a wonderful dinner waiting for us when we arrived. After eating, I headed out for our work site to check things out...making sure we could get in and get our rig in where it needed to go. Some of the Mini U sites are very tight and impossible to navigate with our rig.. This one had ample room to make it around the end of the buildings but the space where we needed to park was really tight to get in to. Linda and the current manager tried their best to get it in as tight to the building as they could but being pinned in between buildings on three sides made it impossible to get as close as they wanted. It will work for the time we are here but when we went to hook up to the power, found that even with 60' of cord, we didn't reach. Ughhhhh!!!!! No way to get closer either. Problem is that the usual RV parking spot is where the snowplow has to push the snow off the site. Dang snow and winter anyway. Soooo....we plugged a 110 v. cord into a nearby receptacle and fed the end into our bedroom window so we could plug the heated mattress pad in on our bed and stay warm. With the severe cold and winds, there is no way the batteries would have held with the on/off of the furnace all night. We ran the furnace till the inside temp was 70, then shut the furnace off till morning and climbed into our toasty bed. When we got up at 7:00 it was 49 in the rig..Brrrrrr.... Grabbed the computer...located the closest Camping World and off we went to get another 50 amp extension cord. The roads were slippery....snowy slush on them. Took us 1.5 hours to get there (usually a 57 min trip according to GPS). Got back and plugged in....Ahhhhh....heat, lights, all the comforts of home. Just in time for the huge storm coming our way. Possibly 14" of snow and 20-40 m.p.h. winds. Yuck !! Apparently my order for springtime temps and no snow fell on deaf ears with the goddess upstairs.....

We went into work and worked a few hours today. First official day is Saturday.

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