Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Ok, now we're starting to get a wee bit bored. Linda talked to our home office and nothing looming on the horizon for us so they told us to enjoy ourselves and just hang out. Been doing that for just about a month now and we're getting antsy.

We will continue to hang around since we still have our appointment at Tr-Am RV Center on the 24th. I have the phone number for the local Habitat build going on in Dade City so want to call them and see if you can check it out or even help them out while we are here. It's not too far away so would be neat to see how it all comes together. Once we get our rig worked on we'll probably head north as Linda's new grand-daughter will have arrived in Virginia Beach and she'll want to go spend some time with her daughter and the new baby. As of today's ultra sound, Ila is almost 6 pounds...just ten days before she'll arrive. Linda is excited to see her ! We're hoping that the snow that Virginia Beach got last week will be gone soon and that no more arrives before or once we get there. No sirree, no snow is allowed once we start northward. Only springtime temps. :)

Cool temps arriving overnight....temps will only be in the mid 50's tomorrow. We definitely have it better than our families up north. They are bracing for more snow. Schools have been canceled in some areas already for tomorrow....poor kids will be making up school days into the middle of summer after this winter. Yuck ! Well, off to bed for us.....see y'all tomorrow.

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