Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wild and Crazy Day......

Today the guy from our company who's second in command came in. We've been working hard the last two days to get everything spiffed up and "VP worthy". Was a lot of hoopla for a 15 minute visit. He left...I fixed our lunch and we were both breathing a sigh of relief when in walked another VP from our company. Unannouced, I might add...He stayed for about an hour and a half and we learned alot of great things from him that we didn't know before. This day long barrage of "review" was mentally draining. As if that wasn't enough....right before the last VP walked in Linda got a call from our newest assistant manager. He called to tell us he was quitting to take a job at our other location.

The manager at our Union location called two days ago and told us that both of her assistants quit via a text message and asked if either of our assistants would like to pick up some extra hours. We offered her Piotr (pronounced Peter)cause we knew he wanted some more hours and he has transportation to get there. He worked yesterday for her and she loved him ! So today the company offered him full-time at that location and we are now back to working seven days a week until we find and train another assistant manager.

So it was a challenging day. Now it's pouring rain outside and we're supposed to have 40-50 m.p.h winds tonight and possible thunderstorms around midnight. Holy Shazzam ! A suitable ending to a wild and crazy day.

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