Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm A Happy Camper...

A day off with lots to do. First thing this morning we went to Lowes and bought this air compressor. We had purchased a small one a few years back but it just didn't build enough pressure to do the tires on the rig, which require 110 psi. After searching the forums for air compressors that work the best for other Rv'ers, this one seemed to have a healthy majority of takers. Some folks get a pressure pro power tank
which is a tank that is filled with CO2. It creates a high amount of pressure but we'd have to locate someone to fill it whenever we'd run low....nah, don't think so. Went with this air compressor and boy, does it work great. I checked all the tires on the rig, truck and car and got them all filled. In addition to that, Linda straightened out the interior of the truck so we'll be ready to travel on the 10th. The new air compressor fits nicely on the floor in the back seat and we also bought a nice little cart that I can bungie the air compressor to and it will wheel easily around with me. It folds up flat but has a nice big platform that the tank sits on. Works really slick.

Got the black tank dumped which will hold us till we get to Florida. We also checked all the toolboxes on the truck and tightened them up. Pulled out the awning to make sure it wasn't holding alot of water from all the rain we've gotten lately. Since we are parked alongside the building, with just enough room for cars to drive past us, we can't put out our awning. Every so often, we put it out to make sure mildew isn't forming on it and let it air out. Today was a good day to do that. Tomorrow I want to start our Honda generator and let it run for a while. In reading the forums, other owners of the same generator say that it needs frequent use to keep the fuel jets open so they don't clog up. Last time I had it running (last week) it took quite a few pulls to get it started. Usually it only takes 2-3 pulls so want to make sure I start it regularly.

Got settled in to watch the tail end of the Phillies football game and happened to look out the back window. There was a cop car...Hmmm....wonder why they are here. Went outside and asked the officer what the problem was and he said the alarm was going off in the office. We spent almost an hour dealing with that (seems to be a faulty sensor) and now maybe the day is done with tasks and problems... until tomorrow.....

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