Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holidays Just Around the Corner....

We're trying to finish up projects around the site before the new managers arrive so they can start with a clean slate. I had to work at the North Bergen site yesterday for a while (about 3 hours) and then returned to our site. Today I was playing catch up to try and get the place looking great for us being closed for 1.5 days. Tomorrow we work till noon and then we're closed (the office is closed tenants can still access their units) until Saturday. Saturday I have to return to North Bergen for a while and that will be my last stint there. Once we finish work tomorrow, we need to buy some groceries for a dish Linda is making at her brother's house. We'll go there for supper tomorrow night...Linda will spend the night and I'll return home to hang out with Boomer. At some point Christmas day I'll go back to get her. Linda hasn't seen her niece and her partner for quite some time as she is currently living in Greece.

We are anxious to leave and go to a warmer area for a little while. I contacted the RV Doctor in Inverness, FL today to see if they are able to work on the issues we have and if they deal with extended service contracts. Yes, they are very familiar with extended service plans and I'm awaiting a call about whether they can do all of our repairs. I'm guessing they can do at least two of the three things we need to have done. Seeing how they are a mobile RV repair service, they may not be able to adjust the bedroom slide while sitting on a RV site and not being in a garage. We'll see....we had the RV Doctor do some work for us last year and he does good work. It would be a benefit to us to be able to go directly to a park and have him come to us rather than schedule an appt at a garage somewhere.

For now we are thankful to have two days of rest. I don't know about Linda but I feel exhausted...I need some serious "down time" to rest, do nothing and watch football. Anything that would represent mindless entertainment...not having to think about repairs or cleaning. Sigh....can't wait...Here's hoping that all of our friends and family have the same relaxing experience wherever you are !

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