Thursday, December 10, 2009

Drying Out....

We had a really drenching rain here Tuesday night late into Wednesday morning. Wow, did it make a mess. Apparently there are some areas around the windows that aren't "tight" as the water was streaming down the inside of the brick wall around the 3rd story windows. As if that wasn't a big enough issue to go into yesterday morning, I then found on the 3rd floor where someone had pulled the pin on a fire extinguisher and discharged the powder all over the place. That was an even bigger mess ! That fine dry chemical was up the fronts of doors on units, all over the floor for about a 30' section and then anyone who walked through it tracked it further down the hallway. Ick !! That took me a while to clean up and I would love to get my hands on the person that did it. The bright spot yesterday came when Steven showed up with our repaired circuit boards for the two entry gates that have been inoperable for the last two and half weeks. Now all three gates are working properly and the property is secure !! Now we can track everyone who enters the property and catch or eliminate those who try to vandalize things.

Today it is very windy, making the wind chill in the 20' is bone chilling ! We only worked two hours this morning to help out our assistant manager and then we took the rest of the day off so we don't get too many hours for this payroll period. Our assistant finishes up her classes on Saturday so we should be able to get back to a normal schedule of Sundays and Mondays off. The business also seems to be slowing down a little bit so we don't worry as much leaving her to work alone. We're only a phone call and step away from helping her, should she need it. These cold temps make my mind wander to warmer Florida. How nice it would be to get away and soak up the sun. We're hoping we might get time to do that after New Year's but it depends on when we finish up here. Our fingers are crossed !!

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