Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time For Work...

Am up and getting around to go to work. It's nice that I only have to walk out of the rig and into the office....makes for a short commute to work. Been a really long couple of weeks though. Between Linda and I we've been working everyday since our assistant quit. Linda is getting a break this weekend. Mine comes later this week. Can't come soon enough. We got word on Friday that the second highest in command, for Dahn Corporation, is coming here on December 2. So I'll have been back to work one day and he'll arrive, with the lenders for our property, the next day. Will have to scramble to get last minute tidying done. We are in good shape though. The property looks great. I put up Christmas lights yesterday so the office has lights across the front and down the side of it...should look nice from Rt 1 that runs by us. Today will be a short day at work....glad for that. Today is last NASCAR race of the season and want to watch that at 2:30 although it's pretty certain that Jimmie Johnson will take the championship AGAIN. ...He's won it several years in a row now. Time for someone else to get a turn. Well, off to shower and get in there.

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