Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prep Time

Well tomorrow we start prepping for next week's auction. We have 25 locks to drill out tomorrow. One of us drills while the other video tapes the drilling, then we photograph the contents with a Polaroid camera (yes, they still have those things around), then tag and lock the unit.That way it's all ready for auction day. We started out with 56 units on the list so not bad to wind up with only 25 that might go. Folks have right up till the time of the auction to pay their balance and get it off the auction list. That is a very real possibility for several more units. If someone pays the balance on any of the units we've already drilled out, then they will need to purchase a new lock to put on their unit. I will work with the assistant manager tomorrow doing the locks so we can share the workload. That way it won't kill my wrists so bad as it would if I had to do it all by myself. Whew !!

Watching the World Series game and holding my breath that the Phillies might pull off tonight's game (not looking good at this point). Another hour will tell but I won't be up to see.

Turning colder here....supposed to be in the high 40's on Friday but then rebounding for the weekend. Rain overnight and tomorrow.

Keep telling myself that I need to get moving and start Christmas shopping but can't get motivated to get started with it. Guess it might help to start making lists of who I might need to buy for and what I might want to buy. Ugggg...

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