Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good News....

The couple that I had deemed my #1 pick to be the management team here had their second interview today and Peggy also thought they were great and a perfect pick for here. First thing Monday I will fax their paperwork to the corporate office and the background check can begin. Hooray !!!! I think this couple will do a wonderful job here and both of them have a great background of experiences to aid them in their work here. We are looking forward to getting them started with their training. This will occur after our new assistant manager has completed his training and he should totally be up to speed by then and a great help to them. He started work today and did an amazing job ! Linda would show him once how to do something and he'd remember how to do it when it came time to do it a second time. Pretty impressive...When I asked him how he was liking it so far he said that he loved it and it's just the type of job he's been looking for. Sounds like we have a winner on our hands.

Rainy and very windy today....supposed to warm up to low 60's tomorrow. Linda works tomorrow to continue her training with "Peter". I will go in to do the lock report and get them off to a good start and then I will be off the rest of the day. Hoping for a nice day..

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