Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hellish Gates...

Well our gates have been giving us fits lately. We have two front gates and one at the rear of the property and seems we've had nothing but problems since we arrived here in September. We're friends with the tech who comes to work on them....having met Steven when we were in training at the Whippany property. Anyway, Steven came yesterday at 1:30 to work on them and worked till 6:30 but at the end of the day two of them were still on the fritz. When Steven opened up the side panel, out popped momma and poppa mouse from this nest. A big ole fluffy nest was sitting on top of the battery that provides power to the system. As he stepped back and was pondering what he had before him, the mice ran back and jumped back in the nest, popping their heads out to look at him. I was only able to get a picture of the nest, minus its residents but Steven got one with them sitting there looking at him. How cute they were but they were not helping matters and had to be evicted from their home. Steven finally figured out that the circuit boards must be defective so he's ordered new ones and we are having to manually close them at the end of the day. Hopefully this next fix will do the trick to keep them in good shape for the new managers.

Tomorrow one of the Vice President's arrives to conduct our auction. We started out with 56 on our list, going to auction...we are down to around 23, which is excellent. Linda has worked really hard with these late tenants to get them to pay so their items don't get sold off. It is alot of work getting ready for these auctions. We will be really glad when it is over !