Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !

Wanted to post something as it's been a while since I've put anything on here. We have been working hard, getting ready for a Vice President's visit to our unit next week. Yesterday and today I put several coats of wax on the office and restroom floor. Our store/office is really quite large so it took almost a gallon of wax to do it all and I had to divide the space into thirds before getting it all done. Since I was doing the largest part of the room today, I locked the door that goes from the office into the hallway leading to the storage unit and placed a sign on it that said they needed to use the side door to get into the office. Well, our cranky postman arrived and came to that door and do you think he read the sign....heck no. He tried the door, then yanked hard enough that I thought he was going to pull it off its hinges. All huffy, he finally came around and in the front door. This is the same postman that couldn't bother to deliver our mail to us when the rear gate was broken. He said he wouldn't drive on Rt 1 to access us although our address is 1004 Rt 1. He's a real piece of of our wonderful federal workers at the postal service.

Anyway, got the floors done shortly after lunch today. Boy, do they look awesome ! Nice and shiny like a new penny. Then it was time to start working on month end reports. I am off now till next Tuesday. I'm heading out early in the morning to go to my mom's for Thanksgiving and will stay there till Sunday. My daughter and son are coming up too from Philly. My son will have to go back home tomorrow afternoon but my daughter will stay up and I'll give her a ride home on Sunday. It will be fun to see each of them. I haven't seen my son in quite a few months. My daughter has already given my mom a list of things she "wants to learn" to make candy, canning, etc. Sounds like we have a busy few days ahead of us.

On this Thanksgiving day, what are you thankful for ? I am thankful for the love, guidance and wisdom of my mother. For the great relationship I have with my kids. For Linda's love, friendship and support. For a circle of friends that we've gathered in our days of full-timing in this wonderful RV'ing lifestyle. Here's hoping that all of our friends and family have a blessed Thanksgiving and safe travels ahead of them ! We love you all and think of you often....

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Movable Book Lady said...

And a happy holiday to you, too. I have today off but work Fri-Sun. In 2 wks move to Alamogordo. Thanks for your friendship (both of you).