Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Off ?

Well one of our assistants quit on Sunday so now I have three people to hire for this location and Linda and I will have to work and cover the days we would usually be off. We worked some on Sunday but it helps that it is a short day (only open 9-3). Linda went over to do the lock report, which is taking the printout that prints out the previous evening and going to the units listed to either unlock the overlock or lock the overlock. A unit gets overlocked once it goes beyond the 5th day of the grace period. Since we use cylinder locks, this is a lock that fits into an outer ring on the lock and turns the pins inside the cylinder lock so that a tenant's key won't fit into the lock. Cylinder locks are very strong and are a pain to drill out if a tenant forgets their key or if we have to take the lock off for an auction. We have about 28 to drill out the end of this week to get ready for next Thursday's auction. Not looking forward to doing that....Had to drill out two today. The first one came when I thought I'd sneak in an afternoon nap (since I was off today). Linda has this psychic ability that lets her know anytime I'm laying down to take a nap....I think it's called Nap-dar...Something starts beeping in her brain and she knows she needs to call me on the phone cause my eyes are closing and I'm lounging somewhere. She called me on my cell phone, not once but twice to tell me a guy needed to have his lock drilled out cause he couldn't get into his unit. Gave up on the nap and decided that someone other than me needs to learn how to drill them out since it's on all of our job descriptions....(Last I checked mu job description didn't state "You are deemed the sole lock driller for this location".)Our assistant was willing to learn so she got a good workout doing two of them today. She did a great job !

Finished the training in time to come back to the rig to watch Oprah's show on handbags, shoes and bras. Boy, that sure made my afternoon. Good thing her fashion police hadn't run into me on the streets...I would have hit the trifecta on all three counts ! LOL...

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