Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rain Rain Please Come This Way…..

P3050009 Holding our breath that we get some of the rain that might be coming through the area this weekend. says that some areas may get as much as 7” of rain. Boy, wouldn’t that be great here where they are down 54’. Several people have told me that it could come back in one good rainfall. Wish I knew a rain dance…let’s see the next best thing is to wash the rig or car. Always works for me so might need to wash both tomorrow to give the area a good soaking.

The park is really filling up. They have a Good Sam rally going on (or about to start). Trying to squeeze 75 rigs into the park. They are parked in places I didn’t even know there were sites ! The Wild Hog Explosion event is coming around next weekend, which involves pig wrestling, poker run for the bikers and a rodeo. I bet the town will be hopping with all the extra people around. Not sure how long the rally people will be here.

Here are some pictures of the critters on the farm. The span on these guys’ horns has to be 5 or 6’ across. Linda went for aP3050007 ride in Lou’s golf cart (named Gator) today so he could show her something. He said all of his animals are spoiled rotten. They seem to know the minute his hand is on the doorknob to go in his house…they start braying or mooing. He said that he had to have one of the “cows” put down recently. It was 25 years old and quite the fixture here on the farm. He said they typically live to be 30 years old but the cold last winter took its toil on this poor guy. When Linda heard him referred to as a cow, she thought “Wow, that is a long life for a cow”. But for a STEER apparently it’s the typical age.

Moving to the next park on Saturday. Hopefully we’ll time the move in between rain showers. We only have to move about a mile down the road. Today’s temps were around 75 and then as soon as the cold front came through, it had dropped to 46 by suppertime. Brrrr!!! It got freezing cold in a hurry and is supposed to be no warmer than 50 tomorrow. Then back to 80 degrees on Monday. Crazy weather….


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