Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quiet Now

The campground was pretty hectic here all weekend, with lots of campers milling around. Seems that the roads through and around Lake Thunderbird State Park are a favorite “cruise”spot for bikers and non-campers alike. The roads weave through the campsites and there seemed to be a steady stream most of the weekend. On Saturday we rode the trike into Oklahoma City to meet with the owner of the other park we are doing in the area to get paperwork signed. What a perfect day to be out on the bike ! We were loving every minute of it….short sleeve weather for sure.


Last year when we were here, the park was still recovering from the tornado that had hit the previous  year. The marina was being rebuilt and is now thriving ! There are several boats that look like houseboats….very neat looking. It had been raining a lot here so the lake is really muddy and things are pretty soggy everywhere (lots of smoky camp fires this weekend). It’s been spring break here this week so lots of families and kids around, enjoying their time out of school.

We went out for a bike ride mid-day today and came back to a much emptier park with peace and quiet ! There are a few campers around us but it should be pretty desolate up until Thursday or so. Tomorrow morning we meet with the park superintendent to get going on their guide. Going to be hot here all week….in the 80’s !

On Friday we got a new converter put in the rig. McClain’s diagnosed the problem we were having with losing power and said thP3250025e converter was bad. Thor approved its replacement so they found one in Oklahoma City and picked it up and installed it. They called about the half time oven and were told that there has been an issue with the spindle malfunctioning and that’s why the turntable won’t turn. They are sending parts to fix it. When we were sitting here last night, playing cards, Linda went to warm up her cup of coffee. She put it in…set the timer for a minute and started it. There was a big “POOF” and a little cloud of electrical smelling smoke came our of the vent area. I jumped up and opened the door and Linda ran for the fire extinguisher. After airing the smoky smell out of the microwave, I cancelled the remaining time and shut the door. It started up again ! What ?!?!? I double checked everything and there was no timer setting or anything that should make it operate. Shut the door again and started up again. Oh crap ! So we sat down, rather puzzled, and played cards for a bit. I tried to take the front surround off to get to the plug to disconnect it but couldn’t get the plugs out of the screw holes. So I went to the breaker panel and flipped the breaker. Figured that was going to be a whole lot easier than bungying that door open all day long, especially while driving down the road. And that little bulb in the oven gets the interior really, really hot. Not a good thing to have that on all day long. We sat up awhile, rather paranoid about the whole thing. When we felt the coast was clear, we went to bed. Looks like we need a new microwave instead of parts for the spindle. It’s always something… Hope your week goes off without a hitch !

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longdog2 said...

That would have been a scary occasion. I have a friend who had a half-time over in her Roadtrek and absolutely loved it. I believe she had to unplug her oven when not in use because the light wouldn't go off. Her Roadtrek was recently totalled and she had to get a new rig. Another half-time oven is at the top of her list of items.