Saturday, March 31, 2012

It’s a Hot One !

On Tuesday we needed to pack up the rig and take it in so they could look at it and see why there isn’t any power to the monitoring panel and what happened to the microwave/half time oven. Spent the good part of Tuesday at McClain’s. Apparently the new spindle for the turntable will fix everything. With the new part installed, they say it will not turn on by itself, even without the timer set, and will operate as it should. We’re a little wary of this “fix all”. The reason for no lights to the monitoring panel is a burnt out board. That is on order, along with the spindle so when we pull out of this campground on Friday, we’ll go by McClain’s first to get the parts put on before going to the park in Oklahoma City. Hoping that all of these items do the trick since we won’t be here long enough to get a new microwave shipped to us. We have no oven to use in the meantime, only our three burners on top and our outside grill.
barite rose 2 We’re working with the park rangers on creating a new guide layout. A really neat geological feature in this area is the barite rose. It’s the state rock of Oklahoma. Whenever someone would say something about red rock, I just thought it was a red colored rock. Turns out these rocks are really unique to this state. There are minor occurrences of them in Kansas, Morocco, and Australia but this is the primary place for them. They are actually growing formations of crystals and get an intricate pattern to them, to the point of looking like a little red rose. The piece on the far right, in the picture, is very rare due to its size and detail. Pretty cool thing to learn about and see up close.We’re working on using a picture of the rose rock as a background for the front cover.
Today we went to the Medieval Festival, being held in Norman. It is held on the campus of OU. No cost to get in, just $5 for parking. Lots of food booths, arts and crafts, storytellers, jousting, fighting among knights, etc. It’s a huge event. We probably would have stayed a little while longer but it was beastly hot today. Humid and temps were in the 80’s. Quite a few people were in full period costume and they must have been sweating bigtime. Ick !! Fur skins, leather pants, tights….you get the picture and it’s not a pretty one. Great event…highly recommend it if anyone is around Norman, end of March.

P3310024 P3310025
P3310030 Storyteller…. P3310032 Living tree…
P3310035 These guys were fighting..for real with special clubs. No holds barred…they had protective gear on to protect themselves from the blows. P3310036
P3310040 Mermaids…the one was having a slight wardrobe malfunction with her sea shells. P3310041 A metal plate with detailed engraving.
P3310043 This guy looked like Gandalf.
There was a booth where there were these magnificent wood carvings of dragons. They had taken a solid piece of wood to make the whole carving of two baby dragons and one large one. I loved the coloring of the dragons and the detail was amazing. The whole thing stood about four feet tall and the price was only like $275, which I thought was very reasonable for something so intricate.
The festival continues tomorrow but the temps on Sunday are supposed to be in the low 90’s. There were a couple of cooling tents set up today. We felt so sorry for all the little babies that we saw. We could see where heat stroke could have been a concern today. Hot weather !
Tomorrow we are having some new friends over for a cookout. A couple that our friends, Bobbie and Jim told us about are coming out to the campground. Dave and Susie Smeal live in Norman. We’re anxious to meet them and get to know them better. Hope you all are having a splendid weekend, full of rest and relaxation !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Oh, I love all the festival unique. Also happy you are going to visit with the Smeals...I know you will get along very well.