Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Family….

Baby Ave

Got word last night that Linda’s niece had her baby. She had a baby girl…Ava Louise came into the world after a lengthy period of labor. Baby and mom are doing great. Jen and Barb (Ava’s parents) currently live in NYC but travel all over the world for Barb’s work. What a cutie Ava is !

We went into San Antonio this afternoon to spend more time with Linda’s cousin, Rob and his wife Karen and their kids. We have such a good time with them. Karen and Rob grilled up a great supper. We ate on the backBoomer by the pool patio…perfect weather for time outside. Boomer had a great time outside. He and Foster (Rob and Karen’s dog) had some territorial issues but also got a couple of romps in while they hung out in the back yard. Foster is deaf and recently lost his best buddy….Beemer. I think he’s still mourning the loss of his buddy. It was good to see him run and be happy for a while. Being deaf he must feel really alone and sort of lost since Beemer was his guide in this world. Not sure Boomer knew any of this, unless they had a doggie chat about his situation. We could sense that Boomer felt bad for him. What a pretty area they have to enjoy out back of their house. We had a great time out there till it started to sprinkle and then we moved inside. Looking forward to coming back next year and spending more time with them.

Rob & Karen dinner


On Saturday we went on the Wild Hog Explosion motorcycle ride that benefited the local library. It was a good day for a ride….warm temps and a couple of hours on the bike. We have two coupons good for a free serving of apple ice cream at the Apple Store and it just so happens that we have to go there tomorrow. Hmmm….guess what we’ll be getting. P3170003 When we got back from the ride, the wild hog catch was going on so we went into the grandstands and watched for a while. There were various age group classifications and what fun. Those pigs could sure run ! I wonder if they were wild hogs cause they sure looked different than the pigs back home and they could outrun 90% of the kids in the arena.


A few of the teams were lucky enough to get a hold of them and get them to the finish line but the majority of the teams were running around and around, chasing these pigs. The fastest team that we saw was around 14 seconds…yeehaw ! Lots of good clean fun. Town should be quiet again tomorrow, with the bikers gone and the events all finished. At the end of the month, there’s another bike ride called Thunder in the Hills….a ride even more popular than this one. Hill Country sure is a great place to ride. Lots of twists and turns…. Looking forward to coming back next year. More riding….More Family..


Jim and Bobbie said...

What a fun full blog posting! You sure are doing a lot and enjoying yourselves. That makes me happy!!!

Dave and Susie said...

Saw on a news show the other day where this lady had a deaf dog and she taught it sign language. She said any dog can be trained to respond to sign language. Sounds like you had a great time with family.