Sunday, March 11, 2012

Apple Store Revisited

P3100008 Yesterday we decided to have lunch at The Apple Store, since we didn’t have the opportunity the last time we went there. Ordered the veggie burger on the jalapeno bun with jalapeno mustard and grilled peppers and onions. Oh my, it was so good ! The bun tasted home-made but in talking to Jeannie, the tour lady, they get artisan bread from a bakery. I was worried that the bun and mustard would be spicy hot (since it’s called jalapeno) but not at all. The mustard was sweet and added an amazing flavor to the whole sandwich. It was to die for ! The picture doesn’t show it but you get P3100006a slice on apple in your basket, along with a pickle spear and a bag of chips. They have neat menu items like sandwiches with applewood bacon on them, etc. All sorts of “apple”  enhanced items.

P3100009 At our last visit, we had seen the calico cat that hangs out there.  Calli became Linda’s best friend. She took up residency on her lap and didn’t leave until we left. It was a really chilly day and the little wood stove, in the dining area, was having a hard time keeping up with the 47 degree temps outside. Linda had her own personal lap warmer while she ate.



P3100011 We wanted to go to the Lost Maples Park but it was raining all day so we’ve left that trip for another  day. We moved a mile down the road on Saturday morning and are now at Pioneer River Resort, a nice walking distance to everything in town. On our way back to Bandera, from the The Apple Store, we drove through Skyline Ranch to see if there were still a lot of rigs there for the Good Sam rally. Yep, they sure are. There are rigs all over the place. Linda got to chatting with a woman at The Apple Store that conducts tours and does marketing for the store and she had given a talk that morning to 40 RV’ers from the rally. She told us how crazy busy they got after the piece aired on the Food Network years ago. They had to install extra phone lines because the phone was ringing off the hook. They baked 200 pies a day to keep up with the orders that were coming in. That’s a whole bunch of apple peeling !

We’re just chillin out today, watching the race. Last Monday I had a mole removed that got suspicious looking in a real big hurry and we’ve been holding our breath, waiting for the pathology report to come back. On Friday the receptionist called and everything is ok. This morning Linda took two of the three stitches out but the third is embedded under the skin so she might have to do some digging to get it out. Might have to get liquored up before that happens. LOL

Tomorrow we’ll take the rig to a local repair shop to get the front steps fixed. The part was supposed to arrive here on Thursday and did sort of. Apparently someone at Lippert was in such a big hurry to mail it out that they forgot to put the bolt in the envelope. The package arrived empty. Lippert was called and they overnighted it. Speaking of warranty repairs….remember we had our microwave replaced two weeks ago because it made a really loud buzzing noise when it was running. Well now the turntable won’t rotate. It worked for about a week and then it conked out. Can you believe it ? Guess you can’t have it all…quiet and operational.

Linda’s got her eye on registering for the Wild Hog Explosion motorcycle ride next Saturday. All sorts of shenanigans going on next weekend. We’ll let you know what’s in store. Should be a good time. This park is filled with bikers. Lots of toyhaulers here. Hopefully they aren’t the partying kind but more like the mature, mellow….in bed by nine type…ha ha…us included. We’ll fit right in….

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