Monday, February 27, 2012


P2260005 We left Montgomery, TX this morning and drove about an hour to Demontrond RV to get our warranty items done. We are outside of Houston, just off I-45. The shop has closed for the day and we are in our rig, right outside of the garage door and are here with one other full timer couple….locked in for the night. Our service advisor gave us a key to the gate, in case we need to get out but we’re staying put. We went out earlier and went to Sam’s Club, which is only 3 miles from here. This RV service shop is huge. There must be 8 or 10 rigs parked on either side of us. Jeanie, our service advisor said that 22 rigs came in last week, without appointments. Wow ! She said it gets like that every year as spring break looms near. No one thinks ahead about getting their service work done. Full timers like us, who cover a lot of miles and have tight schedules, know that you have to schedule service work sometimes months out to make it fit in with your schedule. Jeanie said that I was spot on with the three week window I told her we needed for getting the new microwave in. She said she waited several months for a Spartan part cause they had to make it first, then the holidays came and then they had to ship it. the manufacturers are competing their part inventory really tight, which sometimes hurts the consumer who has to wait for a part to arrive. Good thing that we don’t need many parts, although we do need a bracket for the ramp. I hope we don’t have to wait several days for that to come in. She said the approval of the warranty work would be the longest part of all of this. Thor tends to be a little slow with their approvals. She said we might be here several days. Sigh….Good thing we padded in this whole week for the work.
Temps were gorgeous today….supposed to be in the 60’s overnight.

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