Friday, February 17, 2012

Leaving Schertz

It’s 8:30 a.m. and we’re sitting at Blue Bonnet Motors, in New Braunfels waiting for the rig. Ozzie is get her first oil change ! Found out, after checking in here, that there is a safety recall on the rig. Something about a pindle, which has something to do with the gear shifter and apparently there is a sharp edge on it. If it cuts the wire, then the rig would be stuck in whatever gear it’s in at the time and can’t be shifted out of it. Megan is calling to see if they have that part available and how long it will take to fix.
Blue Bonnet Motors is an amazing place and the folks are so nice here. Since we have a Ford chassis, it was handy to stop here on the way out of the area to get the oil changed. They are set up to do different types of work on RV’s. Look at this set-up!
Awesome customer service lounge too…There is a play area for kids and a very comfortable lounge for the adults too. I’ve never seen a gift shop in a car dealership/service center before. Like I said, it’s really quite a place. 

BB game room 2
BB gift shop
Hoping to get back on the road soon. Headed to Montgomery, TX for our annual picnic. Have about 180 miles to go….looking forward to meeting the other reps. Hard to believe that we are coming up on our one year anniversary working for this company. We started at the end of February last year. We’ve seen so much in the last year, met so many great people and did 25 parks. Just put the last job in the Fed Ex box this morning. Yeeha !! March 1st will start our loop all over again, except we might have some changes to our schedule to change our route a little bit. Have a meeting this weekend with our scheduler to figure out the upcoming year’s schedule. We’ll keep you posted on where our travels will take us in the coming months.

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