Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Great Visit with Friends

P2120020 This past Sunday we drove down to Whitsett to visit with our friends Bobbie and Jim at their new job. Whitsett is about 80 minutes south of where we are in Schertz, TX (we are just outside of San Antonio). It was so cold and damp this weekend. Brrr….We had arranged to meet Bobbie at the little convenience store just off the exit. We arrived a little early so I could have one of their awesome sliced brisket sandwiches. Wow, they are so good and huge that it took Linda and Bobbie to help me polish it off. I think I mentioned that Bobbie and Jim are working as gate guards at the sites where wells are being drilled. Their well is in the early stages so the traffic is slow in and out of the gate right now.
It was so nice to see them and chat about their new job. It’s taken them a little getting used to as far as their sleeping in shifts to make sure that they cover the 24 hours in a day. Bobbie does nights and Jim does the day shift. While talking to P2120022 them, it reminded me of all the goofy shifts I’ve had over the years, whether getting up at 2 a.m. to make donuts in my bakery or at 4 a.m. to go to Busch Gardens to work on the grounds crew. I’ve also done 11 p.m.-7a.m shifts for Mr. Donut and would go to Eddie’s truck stop when I got off work at 7 to get a cheeseburger and coleslaw. That was my supper time ! Then go home and sleep the day away. The shift I think I’ve disliked the most, over the years, is the 11 a.m – 7 p.m. I’ve had that as a waitress and also as a shift manager, at Cornell University, and don’t care for it. The whole day is shot. Old memories of bygone days….
Here’s a shot of Bobbie and Jim, in front of their gate. Bobbie had made cookies and those lucky truck drivers were getting a treat when they left for the day. What a lucky crew to have Bobbie and Jim working with them ! We enjoyed our time visiting…we won’t see them again till later this summer when we pass through Colorado.
On Monday night, Linda’s cousin Rob and his wife Karen came over for supper. We went out with them last week so it was great to squeeze in one more visit while we’re in the San Antonio area. I didn’t get any pictures….we were too busy talking about RVing and our dogs that I forgot to take any pictures. We had such a good time with them and as Linda pointed out, there are so many things we have in common with them. They had just lost their dog the other night to cancer so we were reminiscing about our pets and their crazy antics. Our pets give us so much joy and losing one is like losing a child. They both loved Boomer and thought he looked a lot like a dog they used to have.
Temps warmed up today into the 60’s. Supposed to warm up even more tomorrow but rain is moving in tonight (yippee…rain !). Wrapping up here tomorrow….getting hitch itch to get on the road once again !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

ahhh, we so enjoyed your last visit with us. So glad you got to see us in action and understand what our job entails. Now our phone calls will make more sense. See you in Colorado!