Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lake Medina

P2100005 On Friday Linda and I needed to go meet with four parks that we work in the Lake Medina/Bandera area. We had three of these parks last year so it was great to see the owners/managers and chat about how their year has been. At Lake Medina, the welcome wagon was there to greet us. The owners horse was standing in the middle of the road and I could only get it to move when I rolled down my window and called it. He came over to the car and stuck his head in the window. Then another one came to Linda’s side of the car and stuck his head in Boomer’s window. Boomer wasn’t impressed…he was whining to get out and play with the cows. Apparently, he’s not into horses. The cows weren’t interested in him though.
At the Lake Medina RV Park, we drove down to the boat ramp area to look at the lake. Wow, we were shocked how low the water was. Luckily the rain we had the night before had put a little bit of water into the lake but it’s so sad to see how low it is. I wish I had pictures from last year to show you the difference. We’ve heard that overall the water table is down something like 50’. Crazy, huh !
P2100007 P2100008
P2100009 P2100010
The town of Bandera was gearing up for their annual Mardi Gras event. The town and rv parks were packed with people. We watched P2100014 these “cowboy taxis” loading up at one of our parks and heading to one of the watering holes next to another park that we do. Need a designated driver ? They’ve got you covered. Don’t have to worry about parking or getting pulled over for a DUI. What a cute idea.
We’ll be in Bandera in a couple of weeks to start work on the parks there. Anxious to see our advertisers and check out what has changed in the area. On first glance, driving around town, we already saw two new restaurants that have opened.

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Tom and Donna Clapham said...

Grew up in that area. Lived in Hondo as a little kid. Learned to water ski on Medina Lake. Yeah my sister that lives in SA said the lake is the lowest that she can ever remember. Go to the old OST restaurant in Bandera on Main St. Nice lunch specials. The River Cafe has a good rating, but I hadn't eaten there. rockin'