Sunday, February 26, 2012

Interior Changes

Linda and I made a couple of changes inside the rig that give us more living space and help keep us organized with our work. Since we have  two entry doors into the rig, we only use the rear door that goes into the garage. That way we can kick off our shoes, in the garage, and leave some of the dirt out there. Having said that, we feel that it’s a huge waste of space to have the entry area in front of the other door so we moved the Euro chair to that area. We went to Lowes and bought some 3/4” plywood and cut that to fit the stairwell. I put cleats on the underside so the board can’t move around. Linda wrapped the edge, that is up against the side of the counter, with some of the non-skid material and attached it with hot glue. It opens up the space so much….we love it ! This is also my favorite chair to sit in. I can set a drink on the edge of the counter and have a perfect view of the TV.P2250006
When we moved the printer up to the living area, we didn’t have anything for it to sit on so I used a storage tub that was flipped upside down. We wanted something small and compact but there is an area on the floor where the step motor must be located or something. It protrudes up about 4 or 5 inches so a cabinet had to have sufficient clearance to fit over it or be small enough to just go up to it. We went for the latter option. After narrowing it down to seven different options, we chose this one. We ordered it from Amazon and had it delivered here to the campground. It’s perfect for what we need. It has five drawers that can hold supplies for our job. Linda assembled it, in between our classes and functions this week. There are locking casters on it so if Linda needs to roll it over next to the banquette while she’s breaking down a job, she can do that. It’s going to be very handy to keep organized and keep “stuff” off the table.
Our colleagues are leaving today. They are starting to pack up their rigs to move on down the road. It’s a P2260008 beautiful day to drive. Sun is shining bright and there’s no wind. It’s also the kick-off for NASCAR, although it’s raining in Daytona so it may not happen today. That’s ok….I don’t think we get it on the TV channels that work here in the park. Might have to watch it at the service center tomorrow. Let the fun begin !

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