Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Landed in Schertz with a “crash”…

We started a new job on Monday in Schertz, Texas which is right outside of San Antonio off of I 35. Our week didn’t get off to a very good start when our laptop crashed Monday night. Seems we somehow got a sneeky Trojan virus that made our computer think that the hard drive was going bad. Most of our desktop icons disappeared, although when I tried to put them back from a flash drive, it said they already existed. Linda’s son, Todd came to the rescue by telling me how to get around the major roadblock it was putting up (the infamous black screen). By downloading a Malware Bytes program, it sought out the virus and quarantined it. Todd logged in and fixed the rest of the stuff to get it back to normal. Viola….all of the icons came back and all is good.
Today, Linda and I came home at mid-day to have lunch. While chewing my veggie burger, I bit on something hard and discovered that a piece of my tooth had broken loose. Oh brother…it’s always something. Gonna drive me crazy to feel that sharp opening with my tongue until I get it fixed or pulled.
Bobbie, jim and us On our way up here, we drove right through the area where our friends Bobbie, Jim, Linda and Jim were waiting to get assigned to a job. They are going to be gate guards, for the gas wells that are popping up all over Texas. They are in a waiting pattern to go out to their first site. We had a great time getting caught up with them since we haven’t seen them since Labor Day. It’s always good to see them.
Weather has been awesome….in the 70’s today. Had some much needed rain the other night. Gonna be nice tomorrow too…Isn’t this weather crazy ? On the news, they say that record warm weather is taking place all over the country. I like it !!

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