Thursday, December 22, 2011

Whole Lot of French Frying Going On…

Short night of sleep last night. Storms started right after I went to bed and it really POURED ! In the “treehouse” bedroom, it sounds like when frosty french fries hit hot oil in the fryer. It was crackling so loud, we couldn’t hear the sound on the TV so gave up and shut it off. Boomer was petrified and wound up in bed with us all night long. The storms would die down a little and then swoop in again. I remember asking Linda at one point what time it was and it was 3:05 and raining really bad out. Today it was cloudy all day and in the 50’s.
We went out and about for a while and then returned to Livingston to eat at Bodacious BBQ. It was really good. Tonight we went down to the Care Center, where a friend of ours who we met when we all were volunteers here in fall of 2007, is now a resident. Everyone was sitting down to supper and I walked up and put my hands on his shoulders, where he sat at the table. He turned around and saw Linda, was so surprised and jumped up and gave us both a big hug. We’re going to take him out to Jerry’s Restaurant tomorrow night so we can catch up with him.
Not much else going on. One of the other ICR’s, from our company, is staying here in the park. Her mom has a house here. We went down Tuesday night and had happy hour with Trudy, her mom and a friend of her mom’s. Had a great time and sampled a wonderful cheese that they had recently discovered. It’s called Santiagio Balsamic and it melts in your mouth. Wow…good stuff !
So happy that I finally figured out how to print, from the laptop, without having to get up and walk to the printer…hook it up, etc. When we had the broadband card, for our internet, we had purchased a modem and was hoping that would do the trick. Nope, doesn’t work with broadband card. But now that we have the tablet that serves as a MiFi, it can work. I just had to download some additional drivers, from Epson’s website. Most all of the new printers are able to print wirelessly…just need the correct drivers on your laptop. Voila…it’s done and now I can shoot stuff to the printer and not worry about running out of power (from unhooking from the power supply) while I truck out to the printer. I also set the printer up here in the living room so the “commute” would be shorter. Gadgets ! Cant live with ‘em…can’t exist without ‘em.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

So is that wonderful cheese available nationwide? I love balsamic so am interested.