Saturday, December 17, 2011

Singing, Cowboys and Rangers

PC160018 Arlington is like the sports capital in the country. The Texas raceway is nearby, as well as the Texas PC160002 Rangers park and Cowboy Stadium. We drove to the Cowboys Stadium so we could say that we saw it. It’s’ not in the kind of location I would expect to see a huge sports complex. It sits directly across the street from a Wal-Mart and on the fringe of a business district, where the residential area begins. It’s a very pretty structure; the side panels are reflective glass. The parking lot markers have the pictures of Cowboy legends screen printed on the marker. I saw Landry and Roger Staubach’s pics on the ones I saw. There was a high school football game going on at the stadium. Can you imagine how those kids must feel playing on the same turf that their idols play on ? The Cowboys stadium will be home to this year’s Super Bowl and Cotton Bowl. The parking attendant that Linda chatted with while I was taking pictures said that there are all kinds of events booked at the stadium all the time. From the sky, the stadium looks like a giant football. Glad we got to see it.
PC160003Within site of the Cowboys Stadium, is the park where the Texas Rangers play. Another huge structure but in a very pretty setting. PC160015 As you probably recall the Texas Rangers won the 2011 World Series.

PC160020 Last night we went out to dinner with our boss and his wife and some other folks from AGS. Had dinner at Romano’s Macaroni Grill(?) which was very good. First time I’ve been to a Romano’s. After dinner we went to the Will Roger’s Center to see Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Christmas tour. They are a gospel group that our boss really likes and I must say, they were really good. They played some real toe-tapping, hand clapping songs. I think a lot of the songs were original songs that they have written because I didn’t recognize any of them. PC160021 Beautiful voices and a great show that lasted over two hours ! A super nice evening…tonight is our bosses Christmas party. Today we’re headed to the Fort Worth stockyards to check that out.

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