Thursday, December 1, 2011

Making Our Way West….

 PC010003 We left Mocksville Wednesday morning and tonight we are as far as Vicksburg, MS…stopped at Ameristar Casino & RV Park for the night. Last night we stayed in Heflin, Alabama at a new, little park just off the highway. Decent park..the owners are dog lovers and will be catering to dog owners as they add several amenities such as a large off leash area, agility activities, etc. It was 24 degrees when we got up this morning. Frost was thick on everything, including this tree stump that was near our RV site. These little sprouts were white with frost.
We arrived at the casino park this afternoon about 2:30. Got set up and filled the fresh water tank as it’s supposed to get cold again tonight. Hoping to get on the road by 7 tomorrow as we have a conference call tomorrow afternoon and will have to come off the road by 3:45 to get set up in time for the call. We’re going to push to make it all the way to Arlington tomorrow…have 400 miles to go. Route 20 hasn’t been too bad so far. Some construction going on and one stretch had lots of dips in the road that made the rig hop as went over them. Made me think of those custom cars you see on TV that hop up and down as they go down the road….our rig had the same feel today. Linda was trying to write up some paperwork while I was driving through hip-hop land….I’m sure that will look interesting.

Took the shuttle over to the casino and had the buffet for supper. Had lots of yummy things. Was a good girl and only looked at the chocolate fountain. The coconut macaroons were just like the ones I used to make at my bakery…very good. Outside the restaurant, there was this gingerbread house that the pastry chefs had created. It was cute ! After supper, we went into the casino and spent $12 on the slots…that’s my contribution to the Vicksburg economy.
choc fountain gingerbread house

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Movable Book Lady said...

Wait -- weren't y'all going to Florida? Where are you going? Safe travels.