Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Things are moving along, here in Texas. Our friends, Cindy and Wendy arrived last Friday and will be leaving in the morning. They have been in the site next to us. It’s been so fun to walk out our door and walk to the next site to visit, have dinner or watch a football game. They are on the diet that we were on (Dukan diet) and are within a couple of pounds of their goal (way to go girls !). They look and feel great and say the same thing we said, “We can’t believe how easy it was to lose the weight”. We gave them some of the recipes that we used during the early stages and they gave us the meatloaf recipe they made last night, which was awesome. We are in the stabilization phase where we can eat anything six days a week and one day a week is our protein day, which takes care of any transgressions during the week. We don’t go crazy cause we don’t want to go back to the weight we used to be. We follow the core principles of the diet and it’s so easy to stay on track.
Anyway, they leave tomorrow and we will probably be here until January 1st to finish up the guide. The manager has been nice enough to let us stay longer than normal. We’ll need to move to another site this weekend, just a couple sites down from where we are now. Not a problem…It’s great here, close to the laundry and dog park. Boomer loves it too !

This is Frank. Frank is a pet pig of an RV’er who was a couple of sites the other side of us up until a few days ago. In this picture, Frank is out for some exercise (apparently his owner didn’t tell him that you lose more weight if you don’t EAT while you’re walking). They walked around the pool and back to the coach again. He needs to lose weight because his belly is dragging on the ground (maybe he needs a skateboard to alleviate that problem) or maybe dad needs to quit giving him treats. I’ve seen dogs and cats in RV’s as pets but this was a first. Good thing it was a large coach. There’s not much getting by this big boy when he’s coming down the aisle in the rig.

We saw this “vehicle” the other day. Is it broken ? It sure looks saggy in the middle. Maybe it’s one of those hip hop cars that raises up when you start it but where the heck is the back end of it. Youth…

Last night the girls and us went to see “Prairie Lights” in nearby Grand Prairie. It was similar to the light show that we saw over Thanksgiving with Linda’s daughter and her family. It was a nice display of lights. In one section they had a wire frame with lights over it that strobed so it appeared as if it was a tunnel. We drove through it real slow to experience the different affects. Good thing none of us are prone to seizures…it was pretty intense !
Warm today…around 70 but rainy all day. I think it’s supposed to clear up tomorrow and be nice but temps will be cooling off again to the high 50’s, low 60’s. Thinking about the weekend and what we might go out and explore. Lots of things to see and do. Hoping for good weather to do it in.

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