Thursday, December 8, 2011


We’re finishing up our first week, working the Dallas/Arlington KOA project. It’s been colder than I imagined it would be for Texas but I’m told that this is typical weather. Been in the 40’s during the day and 20’s at night. Tomorrow it’s expected to get up to low 50’s and the same for the weekend. I’ll take it !! Tired of freezing to death. I feel like I’m back home in Pennsylvania…Ughhhh !
Since this is a new job for our company, it comes with all of the legwork and research that goes into a new job. We’ve covered about 70 businesses so far…got another full week of selling ahead but looking forward to tomorrow cause our friends Wendy and Cindy are arriving to hang out with us for a week. Yippee !! We’re excited to see them. Didn’t expect our paths to cross since we originally were supposed to go to Florida to work. They are leaving the Escapees park in Livingston tomorrow and driving here and staying till the 15th. Will be great to explore the area with the girls and warmer temps to boot to do it in. Yeah !
Boomer is having a ball here at the park. We are parked directly in front of the dog park and so far he’s met Molly and Amy. Whenever he sees these two ladies come to the park, he goes crazy and Linda takes him over for their play date. He comes back a happy boy. He goes out with us during the day and squeezes in play time at lunch and supper time. Boomer’s got it rough !
Hoping to do some sight seeing this weekend and check out the area. Who knows what mischief we’ll get into. Just hope this head cold/sinus thing that Linda passed on to me goes away cause I don’t have time to feel crappy. It’s no fun trying to keep your nose from running, your face from hurting and your head from feeling like it’s going to explode. It seems that I get this 24-48 hour dose of ?? whenever we gets several days in a row of rain. Kick up the leaf mold ? Throw pollen around ? Don’t know what it is but it can just hit the road and get out of my head. Gotta run….need a tissue.

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Anonymous said...

Brrr ! And here I'm complainging because it's only getting to the low to mid 60's here.