Monday, December 26, 2011


First thing this morning we drove down to the local RV repair place to see if they can order the part for our coach steps. Over the weekend, I had Linda open the door from the inside (while I stood outside) so I could put the awning out. I wanted to let it air out since we’ve had so much rain over the last few days. When Linda opened the door the steps acted really weird and didn’t open up correctly. I got under the rig and discovered a big bolt laying under the steps….sheared off. We need to talk to the local repair place and see if they can get them fixed before we leave Sunday to go back to Dallas. If not, gonna look kind of weird to have them bungied to the underside of the rig so they’re not swinging to and fro in the breeze. It’s always something….
Mexican train Spent the day with our friends Cindy and Wendy, down in Houston. We drove from Livingston, down to Houston, to hang out with them for the day. Taught them how to play Mexican Train and being the quick learners that they are, Cindy whupped us. It’s been so long since we’ve played that we’d forgotten the rules and called the ladies who taught us to get a refresher on the rules.
On the way home, from Wendy and Cindy’s place, we stopped at Church’s chicken to get some chicken strips for supper. At the drive through, I asked over the little speaker if they had plain chicken strips, without a combo deal. We had a distinct communication problem when I couldn’t understand anything she was asking me. We mudded our way through the ordering process….enlisting Linda’s help periodically to translate what I thought this woman on the other end of the intercom (which I think was located in Mexico somewhere) was asking me. We get up to the window, she opens her window and says the total and I hand her our Discover card, since it’s 5% cash back this month on restaurant purchases. She takes it and turns around to process it, turns back around and hands it to me, saying “pizza and mustard”. Now I know that I have two strikes against me since my bad ear is on the left, closest to this woman but I’m thinking that “pizza and mustard” might be the dipping sauces to choose from. I’m thinking perhaps I had heard her incorrectly until I turn to look at Linda and Linda says “pizza and mustard” ? We’re thinking that the mustard part makes sense but pizza as a new flavor of dipping sauce seems a little bizarre. We both lean towards the window and look at the woman who says it again…pizza and mustard. We must have looked like deer in headlights because when we looked at her again she annunciated very slowly…Visa and MasterCard. We both started laughing and Linda says, “We’re so sorry but you have a bit of an accent”. DUH ! Ya think ! I hand her my other credit card…the mustard one, I believe and she runs it while Linda is busting a gut. Oh my, it was funny. When she truly did ask what dipping sauce I wanted, I asked her for honey mustard and got it. Apparently she understands English better than I understand Spanish. Hmmmm…..


Jim and Bobbie said...

Oh, you had Jim and I roaring with laughter with that story. Did you get the rig weighed yet?

Tom and Donna Clapham said...

What??? Don't y'all talk Texican????? Funny!!

I used to live 2 streets away from GW Church, founder of CC...He would turn in his grave if he could the operation today!!! In the mid 50's you could get 2 piece chicken with bisquit for $0.49 WOW!!