Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Look at those buns....

There are some serious downfalls to staying right next door to a restaurant that advertises that they have the best cinnamon buns in the world. Especially when it's open 24/7...oh yeah. The bun in this picture is on a dinner plate...that's how huge it is. When we had it for dessert last night, it was alright but when we nuked the remaining piece this morning, at breakfast, it was yumlicious ! (Spell check has a problem with that word but I think it's entirely appropriate.)
Busy day today selling. Johnstown is a cute town. Reminds me of the town I grew up in. Small town with something for everybody in a quaint setting. And what a backdrop the Rocky Mountains make...The campground owner told us, the other day, that usually the road up in the mountains (I think the one that goes through the national park) is usually open by Memorial Day. He said an article in the paper said that it wouldn't be the case this year (due to natural thaw) because there's still 10' of snow up there and that they may need to cut a road through the snow. It's so pretty when the clouds open up over the snow capped peaks and the sun lights them up. Really spectacular ! There's also a crisp freshness in the air, when we aren't downwind of the cattle ranches, that is intoxicating. We found out today that we're picking up more Colorado assignments so between Colorado and Wyoming, we'll be here till September. We're looking forward to exploring more of the area.

Tomorrow night we're going to the dinner theater production of the King and I. Look at the menu choices... We're looking forward to it. Going to celebrate our upcoming anniversaries. We met on May 8,2004...married on May 28th...five years later. We haven't finalized our weekend plans but there's a Moroccan restaurant that I want to take Linda to at some point. Also want to visit friends in the area but might do that when we move down to Brighton in another two weeks. Life is good !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Johnson's Corner Truckstop is infamous for their cinnamon rolls. It has been featured on many national TV travel shows. Since you will be in the area till September, let's make sure we get together.