Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bertha has new Shoes !

Yesterday we took Bertha to get new front tires and an alignment. She was starting to drive like a shopping cart with one bad wheel and shimmies and shakes. There was nothing that could be done to save the tires that were on the front so we replaced them, aligned the front end and had the back tires rotated and balanced. What a "grand" (as in $1000) day that was ! We had to cut our work day short to go to BK Tire and then to Transwest....about 4 hours spent in total waiting. She drives really purty now so we're hoping she holds up for a good long while. Not the kind of expense you want to incur too often. Next week, we get the Mor-Ryde aligned..again at Transwest. That should set us back another chunk of change !

Today was dreary and rainy. Linda and I went to have supper with someone who grew up with her daughter and was a regular fixture in Linda's house for the two years they lived in Mechanicsburg, PA. Nina and her husband Dave and their 2.5 year old daughter Lydia, live in Thornton...a suburb of Denver.
We had a great meal with them and Linda enjoyed catching up with Nina and playing with Lydia. If it wasn't for our job, and being in this area to work a park, she probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to see them. We're not sure where we're headed next. Plans to work the six parks in western Colorado and Wyoming have been put on hold. We're going to be sent somewhere else for June and July and then return to Colorado in August. We might find out tomorrow where we're headed next. A new adventure is just around the corner !

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