Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crazy Busy..

We moved this morning to Brighton, Colorado. Only about 45 minutes from Johnstown. On the way we were scheduled to get our truck and rig tires balanced at Transwest. We got there and found out that the tech who was scheduled to work on our rig is out to a training class all this week and next so we didn't get it done and have to go back, on two separate trips, to get them done. The tech is on an evening schedule so we'll get the truck done some night after work and we're still trying to figure out when we get the rig done.

Yeah so last week was really crazy busy. Johnstown is proving to be our best assignment yet and it's a new park to boot. Advertisers have been calling us evenings and e-mailing us to get in the guide so we've held the job open to get it all wrapped up.

On Saturday we worked on getting ads put together. Sunday I woke up with a massive allergy attack and felt like I'd been hit by a bus. I finally got my nose to stop running by the afternoon so we went to the Sculpture Park, since we'd heard so much about it. We didn't realize it but Loveland, CO is the sculpture capital of the world...heaven to artists, we were told. This is where artists who are casting sculptures come to get it done. The park is really neat as there are about four different areas, with walking paths throughout, where you can see close to 200 sculptures. Very neat ! We didn't walk the whole four areas but took in one of the areas.

While we were out on Friday, making sales calls, we went by Camping World and picked up a grill. We've been wanting a grill since we went on the road and keep looking at them whenever we get the chance. The thing that always held me back was not knowing where we'd store it. Finally with Camping World running a special on the one we wanted, the decision was made for us. We love it ! I've found a place for it in the basement and it wasn't as hard as I had thought it would be so we waited all those years for nothing. Geez !
We cooked up some yummy veggies Friday night.
Hard to get used to these cool temps here. Missing the warm weather we had in Oklahoma. Hoping we see warm up soon but tonight they are calling for rain. We shall see...

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Your new grill looks pretty much like ours. You ARE going to love it. Should be great for those Prime Grillers! I'm still doing well with going meatless. Thank you so much for introducing me to the MorningStar Riblets. I have them every time Jim barbecues. Glad the job is going well.